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Blarg's Journal O'Spoo

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13 April
I'm just a blargin' blarg here. Name's John. Whee!

More information: I started Drag/Net BBS way back in 1984, and took it off a phone line in 1998. It remained telnettable for a while afterwards.

I grew up in Harrisville (a village of Burrillville), Rhode Island and moved to Huntington Beach, California in 1993. In 1994 I moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. Boy, do I dig NH. Anyhow, in 1999 I moved to Attleboro, MA.

In 2003, my wife and I bought a house in Auburn, Massachusetts - near Worcester in the central part of the state.

And that's where we are now.

I plan on putting the old Drag/Net BBS back online -- on an Apple ][ series computer through a terminal server. I just have to get rid of more of the stuff I've accumulated over the years.

I still plan on setting up a home theater using the seats I purchased from the (rest its soul) old Meadowbrook Cinema in RI. I've never been back to the Meadowbrook site since it closed. I don't want to see a supermarket on that land. It's just not right. I'd rather remember the plaza for how it was...

Anyhow, that's some of my info. If you've gotten this far, you deserve a cookie.

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