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Received the CFFA3000 a while ago! I just need to put the time aside to plug it into my IIgs and image the old floppy drives from the BBS. Woot!!

Apple IIgs


I'm going to pick up a CFFA3000 from once available. This'll get me up and running on a IIgs. This flash/usb unit emulates floppy drives, which I'll probably need to set up to get the BBS software working right.

THEN I'll pester Arthur for some help.
Laundry Staring


I've hired a painting contractor to finish painting our home. Next, a plumber to replace some steam pipes. I could do it myself but time is not on my side. Darn the long commute times!

(edit: sp: 'hired' means more than 'fired')

Wow, this was sitting as a draft in my iPhone for a couple years. We had the house painted in Oct 2008 I think. And I fixed the plumbing myself... Dad actually helped with the steam pipe 'cause I needed more than the two arms I have...
Laundry Staring


My High School class had its 25th class reunion Friday night. We hadn't had one since our 5th, so it was great to see everyone again after all these years. I had a blast, and I'm sure most everyone else did, too.

I put together a video slideshow for the reunion. It's fascinating how easy this stiff is to do nowadays!